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Monday 29 August 2016

Sunset and randomness

This sunset is from about a week ago. Very bonny, as they all are in their way. You can see how the sun has moved across the sky.  In mid-summer it would have set out of shot on the far right of the picture above. Now (end August) it sets just on the tip of Graemsay. I'm in denial about the days getting shorter, but they are.  And it's proper dark at night now!

Still big skies though - that never changes.

And this particular night there was also a full moon, while a tractor continues bringing in the silage (very late this year due to weather).

The pink sky shimmers across the Hoy hills.

And the sky is ablaze.

Elsewhere - Button snoozes on a guest bed that I was trying to make up for party guests! Thankfully they like cats... and are fond of Button in particular....

And while I work on my laptop I am often under observation from the coos! Wonder if I am Cow TV? Heehee!

The hens (and cockerel, just the one now) are out having a rootle about in the field.

The cow doesn't seem to mind!

I said this post was random..... a poppy among the other wildflowers....

And a few days later....another sunset!

A different sky...

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  1. I have been impressed at your beautiful photos: great landscapes, colorful flowers and the moment of sunset.