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Monday 26 December 2016

Boxing Day....

In the UK, Boxing Day is also a public holiday.  It is characterised in much of the UK by the "Boxing Day Sales" where shoppers compete for post-Christmas bargains.

Meanwhile in Kirkwall, the Christmas Day Ba' was postponed till today, as in recent years they have not held the Ba on a Sunday.  What's the Ba'?  Basically a game with one ball, two teams (the Uppies & Doonies) and no rules.... It's legendary.... read here for some more info.

On Graemsay we have no boats Christmas Day or Boxing Day so again I have spent a quiet day indoors. Hmm quiet being relative.  There is a gale blowing (Storm Babs gave way to noisier Storm Conor).  Windspeeds recorded of over 100mph.  I've not been out to test it!  Though Button has!! Blooming island cats!  She was out for over an hour and I was thinking I would go and search for her before darkness fell when she reappeared. Swearing because it was so windy.. her, not me. I was just swearing at her for staying out so long!  As you can see above, she has catfully overcome her trauma by sprawling on the sofa all afternoon.

Meanwhile, I've broken open the jigsaw!!  Love jigsaws... get a bit obsessed with them!

Yesterday was a very peaceful day for me, spent quietly inside with lots of good things to eat and books to read. My perfect day :-)  I know others may see it as odd, but I am fairly solitary (er - clue is I live on a "remote" Scottish island! Hee hee), and I hate travelling in Winter.  So I hibernate and come out again in the Spring :-)

Tomorrow, however the gales abate and I'm hopeful of getting out into the fresh air and seeing how the hens have fared, and Charlie in the barn!

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