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Wednesday 21 December 2016

Santa arrives via the Stromness Lifeboat!

With our own wee ferry still being repaired, the Stromness Lifeboat and crew stepped into the breach and brought Santa out for a visit to Graemsay.  He was on his way to the Community Centre in Stromness but always does a bit of a detour for us which we all appreciate!  It was a chilly, breezy day, but most of the Graemsay folk were at the pier to meet him, plus a few extra "wee ones" who were visiting their Grandma and Grandad!

Lifeboat coming alongside....

Ooooh look there's Santa!

And he arrived with some elves! And .... a penguin....

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus stayed on the boat, protected by an elf as it was too windy for them to come on the pier.

Even quite big "children" got presents.... sometimes teenagers don't mind still being considered kids ;-)

And yes, the dog gets a fuss from Santa too!

And ahem.... some very big kids get a hug from Santa...... well he didn't get me a present!

And a lovely wee boy wanted a hug too....

Then Santa led the elves, and ahem, penguin in a couple of songs (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Jingle Bells).

And soon it was time for Santa and his gang to head back to Stromness.  Thanks lads of the lifeboat for bringing him out to Graemsay!

Bye Santa!


  1. How wonderful, it must have made those little ones feel so special.

    1. Ha! They made us all feel special. We really do appreciate the efforts of the organisers to include our wee island!