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Monday 5 December 2016

Down by the kirk......

And still the weather is gorgeous!  Sharp frosty mornings, bright sunshine. Oh I am SO happy with this!  So I took a run over to the Kirk on the South side of Graemsay.  It's now used as a barn to store hay.  The kirkyard is till in use and has a lovely peaceful aspect over Burra Sound looking towards Hoy. Above is a panorama looking down the hill to the kirk.

And then down at the kirk.....

Sad to see the windows gone.....

To the left, a few miles east are the islands of Cava, Calf of Cava (love that name!), and Flotta.  I zoomed in for some fuzzy pictures!

This is the Cava, and is now uninhabited....

This smaller island nearby is called the Calf of Cava

And behind them is Flotta, which has an oil terminal, source of some wealth to Orkney in the early days, played a vital role in the history of Scapa Flow, and has a good community spirit too, as well as an abundance of birds and wildflowers.

Lots of geese on the fields around the kirk.....

And the old croft of Dean at the top of the kirk brae (hill).

Hope you enjoyed your quick trip out.  It's a bit chilly so time to get back home for tea and toast!


  1. Beautiful photos. The one with the geese looks like a painting.

    I think it gets dark very early here in Minnesota in December, but I think Orkney is quite a bit further north.

    Andrea in Minnesota

    1. Yes we're about 58 degrees North I think. In line with Alaska! Though with the Gulf Stream we have a much milder climate.

  2. I still find it hard to believe that you can live in such a place, Sian. It's beautiful beyond comparison but also a bit desolate. I like it. Have you always lived on that wee island?? I think I have missed one or two years of blogging here. But I have googled on Graemsay, I'm curious by nature. Blessings in Advent to you and your household, cat, hens and all.

    1. Thank you, and to you too.

      I moved here in June 2000, from Kent, about 15 miles outside London. I fancied an adventure, and I certainly go that. LOL!.