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Tuesday 20 December 2016

Relief boat

Last Friday as I headed back to Stromness for the ferry I got a message from our ferry company to say due to technical difficulties all further sailings of the Graemsay ferry were cancelled.  Eeeek. After a couple of phone calls to neighbours it seemed the harbour pilot boat was going to be put on at 4pm to take us home.  It can only take 12 passengers so there would be a relay, with the school children going home first, but I didn't mind as long as I got home!  Above is the pilot boat coming alongside the MV Graemsay (the Hamnavoe ferry that sails to the Scottish mainland is in the background).

Folk were ready to get on board, along with their shopping.  The crews of the pilot boat and the Graemsay helped us all get stuff aboard, and helped some of us onto the boat - it was a bit of a step up for me!

Inside the cabin.....

Through the window as we sailed out of Stromness harbour....

I sat in the navigator's seat!  Left a bit, right a bit...ooops the map is upside down, reverse those instructions.  Hahaha! Thankfully my help wasn't needed ;-)

And the Hoy Hills come into sight, with the light fading behind them....

The journey only took 15 minutes and then there were willing hands to help us off at the pier. Fortunately our own ferry was back in service the next day.  Though we were very grateful to the crew of the pilot boat for getting us home!


  1. Glad you didn't end up in the Northwest Passage!

  2. Well as I passed John Rae I did look out for huskies!