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Friday, 31 March 2017

A trip to Stromness.....

I usually go over to Stromness or Kirkwall about once a week. Sometimes more often in the summer and sometimes less in the winter when the weather is bad and I don't fancy the sail on the boat! Anyway Monday this week was a bonny day so I took some photos at the pier and as we approached Stromness and thought you might enjoy them.....

Above, Hoy High lighthouse, with Stromness in the background.  Highish tide as I wait for the boat....

Meanwhile on the "cliff" - er a very low cliff, a Fulmar is having a bit of a snooze.

The Fulmar equivalent of high rise flats!

This pair were having a bit of a domestic I think!

A closer look at Hoy High. The Yellow Diamond marks the spot where our electricity cable comes over from the Orkney Mainland. The little hut that looks like a dog kennel was actually where the dynamite was stored when the pier was built, with the detonators being stored in the little "kennel" bit apparently!

Spring is definitely here as the primroses are out on the bank at the pier.

And a view of Hoy High from the boat as we sail past. The roof of Sandside just to the left.

And now sailing into Stromness.  The Red Shed which used to be the old Lifeboat station and is now home to a company that provides trips for divers among the wrecks of Scapa Flow.

Houses and shops with their backs to the shore, and their front doors onto the main street in Stromness. Most have piers or access to one as in the past each house would have had a boat. The shops and houses on the other side of the street would have been granted access to the piers too.

One of the vessels that is doing a survey in Scapa Flow.

And finally, coming into the harbour with the blue glass fronted building being the old primary school and above it the very top of Brinkies Brae - where I took the photos of yesterday's post!  I did NOT go up the steep route in the photo!  I traversed along from the road!


  1. You are very lucky to live in such a delightful part of the world! Glorious photos:)

  2. Yes, your photos get better and better, Sian. The second of Stromness is just fabulous. I'd love so much to visit Stromness. it looks out of this world. Great trips up there in the North...