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Sunday, 26 March 2017

British Summer Time!

Yes it's that time of year when the clocks "Spring" forward an hour. Whoo Hooo! Sunrise at 06.56 and sunset at 19.39.   And the sun came out and the wind dropped and I was a very happy bunny today!

Here are a selection of photos from the day.....  above - a lovely sunset.... the sun has moved from behind the Hoy hills and is now setting behind the Graemsay hill (erm, OK only a small hill, but still).

While in the garden the increased light and warmth is encouraging all sorts of perennials to emerge.... Not bad for end of March, at 59 degrees North/3 degrees W.

Pulmonaria (lungwort) in flower...

Some tiny blue flowers from a Spring bulb I can't remember the name of!

Hardy geranium ( a lovely pink flower on this one eventually)




The willows have fluffy buds,

Really fluffy and leaves appearing too.

More narcissus

Meanwhile Charlie the barn cat was basking in the sunshine in the old barn.

And that sunset again.....

Hoy High shimmering in the pink glow....

And across the West of Graemsay.....

One of my favourite days of the year so far!


  1. Narcissus and willow catkins! Spring has arrived. Some glorious photos:)

  2. I often stop by and read your lovely blog. I think your temperature yesterday was about the same as mine in west Wales, and your geranium is a lot further along than mine!
    I remember travelling home for a holiday, from Iceland via the Faroe Islands in August and realising that the north of Scotland has much longer days, by nearly two hours, in the summer than we do in west Wales. I love the longer days!
    ~~~Deborah in Wales

  3. Beautiful photos, and it's nice to see Charlie sunbaking. I'm in Sydney and we are heading into winter (very mild compared to yours, I'm sure!)