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Thursday, 30 March 2017

On top of the world.....!

Well actually on top of Brinkies Brae in Stromness!  It's somewhere I've wanted to go for years but not having good lungs didn't think I'd get there.  Then I discovered I could drive most of the way, and take my time walking up a track and over some heather to the trig point (highest point).  Oh what a view!  Hope you enjoy these photos though they really do not do the view justice.

In the photo above - the town of Stromness; to the left two small linked islands called The Holms (for sale if you are interested!). Just below the horizon - the island of Graemsay and behind the hills of Hoy.

Looking down the hill to the harbour and the Hamnavoe Ferry, with the Holms behind.

Looking down on the wee town of Stromness, you can see how the old town nestles into the hillside for shelter.  To the right, mid photo the Point of Ness (there's a camp site there if you fancy it!) and behind, Graemsay.

Looking down to Scapa Flow

Behind me land stretching to the West Mainland via the old Waterworks.

Looking over the lochs to Stenness (Ring of Brodgar etc) and Orphir

Again looking over to Stenness and Orphir but a bit further East.

The trig point, and cairn in which someone had kindly made a wee sit. I was very grateful for that!

A wee ruin of a cottage set among the hills. In the "old" days they didn't bother about the view. The crucial point was to get your house as sheltered from the gales as possible!

And one of my favourite photos.... The island on the left is Graemsay, behind are the hills of Hoy, and to the right of them, on a clear day you can look South to Scotland! (It wasn't that clear).

Now I know the way up there I want to go some more this year.  As long as I take my time and my walking poles I can manage fine. And I just LOVE being high up!

And to finish off - Graemsay of course - the Hoy High Lighthouse, Sandside to the right of that, then Sandside bay.  And to the left a fishing boat coming home.

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  1. I think you were on top of the world and you have the photos to prove it. Two islands for sale, did you say?