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Wednesday 22 March 2017

A very low tide!

Around the Spring Equinox (or Equilux as apparently it is sometimes now called! Sounds like a detergent) we get very high tides and very low tides.  I could almost walk to Stromness a few days ago!  Um... I didn't try though.  Anyway here are a few photos of my walk *without* Button who was too busy snoozing to come with me.  Above - Stromness in the distance.

See, a hop, skip and a jump and I could be over in Stromness Harbour.

But fortunately the MV Graemsay is on it's way to transport passengers to ensure our feet stay dry.

Lots of sand at Sandside Bay....

And on the way home a chance to chat to the seep in the field opposite the house.

And I did really try and encourage Button to come too but she gave a rather sleepy response of "No! Go away! I have more important things to do!"

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  1. Your cat has quite the life.

    Did I ever mention that our tides on the Bay of Fundy are up to 48 ft ?