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Tuesday 2 May 2017

Flying home!

Flying over Longhope (Walls) on the island of Hoy
Yes I've been "South" for a few days.  A wee visit to London to meet up with friends and visit some "sights" too.  Unfortunately I had a bit of an accident - fainted, landing on a marble floor, banging my head and nose.  Nothing broken but bruising coming along nicely!  Anyway it could have been far worse and it was towards the end of my holiday.

Flying home from Glasgow Airport the plane took a route via Hoy and Graemsay. Very decent of the pilot to do that to cheer me up - hahahaha as if!  I shouted to Button to put the kettle on as we flew over, she didn't of course!  Anyway - enjoy the photos.

Over the hills of Hoy - there had been 3 inches of snow while I was away!  Nearly all gone now.

The Old Man of Hoy (sea stack). Quite a challenging climb I believe.

Hoy Hills (Cuillags I think?)

Ward Hill and Moaness.

Flying over Graemsay - Ramray, Windywalls, Breckan and Fillets homes in this shot.....

And Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside!  All wave to Button!

And further down Scapa Flow as we approach the airport we flew over some oil rigs - not drilling here but in the Flow having work done on them and accommodations refurbished. It brings in revenue for the local council and also local businesses who supply them.

Hope you enjoyed your "fly past"!


  1. Commiserations on your tumble.
    Such a different view on the flypast ... the land always looks quite tiny from the air and puts life into perspective.
    I imagine Button was pleased to see you!!!

  2. What lovely views, such a wonderful homecoming. Sorry to hear about your fall.