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Wednesday 3 May 2017

I mentioned snow.....

Stromness at dusk
Well I wasn't here to see it but Irene Mathieson of Breckan kindly sent me some photos of what I was missing and said I could use them on my blog.  So, pull on a jersey and here they are!

Snow in April is referred to as "lambing snow" - for obvious reasons!  I do feel sorry for the lambs though as long as they get their mother's milk they keep warm enough, plus they huddle around her and she will seek shelter around the buildings.

And more sheep passing Irene's garden gate...

Looking across to Western Horn.....

And down towards Hoy Low lighthouse and across to the Orkney Mainland.

And again at dusk, looking over to Hoy.  This was taken from Irene's sitting room window. Quite a view!


  1. We got a little but thankfully it didn't settle. Those photos look beautiful.

  2. I suppose the "lambing snow" causes quite a loss to the sheep farmers. Lovely photos of the sheep passing the gate!

  3. Beautiful !!!! I've seen it snow in June here in Michigan also !

  4. Seems incredible that you are still getting snow over there. You have a very long winter!

  5. Beautiful images. My compliments to your photographer friend ...

  6. Hi Sian, I hope your head is alright by now! You see, heading for the big town and leaving the island isn't always such a good idea! And now you have snow!!! Well, in some parts of Sweden, even in the south parts where I live, we've had very cold nights, cold enough for some of the flowerbuds to freeze!!! Up north is still winter, ice and snow, in south The birch is budding up, green leaves starting to glow, even the oakleaves are banging on that frail door. So lovely pictures and such a joyful serenade of pictures from the airplane. Ms Buttons must have missed you for sure!!!