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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Tonight the sunset is due at 9.21pm.  The days are really drawing out.  And on uncloudy nights we are almost at "simmerdim" - the time when it doesn't really get dark.  I love this time of year!  Here are a few photos from a gorgeous sunset last week. Above from just outside the "backdoor".  The Hamnavoe ferry arriving from Scrabster on Mainland Scotland to the Stromness harbour for the night.  The rectangular building in silhouette to the lef is the henny house.

The sun has dropped a bit lower now.  I know it's Spring once the sunset clears the end of Graemsay!

And a view from the "front" door!


  1. Stunning photographs! I'm really looking forward to experiencing the simmer dim, we don't have that phenomenon in Australia.

    1. I remember visiting Thailand and was astounded at how one minute it's light and the next it's dark! Now twilight at all! I love the summer evenings expecially approaching the equinox when even on a dull day it barely gets dark. Hope you enjoy your visit!