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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Of hens and cats.....

The hens love nothing more than to sunbathe and have a dust-bath!  Button just goes for the sun worshipping.... and in good weather, barn cat, Charlie, even comes out to say hi.

This handsome boy is Charlie.  He and Button do their best to avoid each other I think.... he's completely feral, though will sometimes come for a bit of a fuss at feeding time. I did try to have him in the house but he was terrified and prefers living in the barn. He's the same age as Button, 11.5 years old or thereabout.  And I got them both at the same time, but from different homes.

A hen strutting her stuff across the grass at the front of the house....

Button sunbathing!

Headless chickens?!  Two of the girls having a bit of a preen....

Hmm now I know why the onion sets keep getting disturbed! Button was lying on them just before I took this photo....

Two more of the girls sunbathing.  These two are sisters, Light Sussex breed. Quite old girls now but still laying eggs now and again.


And here is "Pecky Hen" who has learned some manners and is happy to be carried and made a fuss of.  You can just see my "black" eye!  It's much improved now, thankfully!

And Button....under the gooseberry bush in the shade after getting a little bit too hot I think!

And even on a grey, chilly day, the girls love to have a rootle about in the field.

And finally in the evening, most of the girls are present and correct at bedtime.... though two have gone broody!  No cockerel now so I remove all their eggs and make sure they get food and water in the morning.  Eventually they get bored and leave the nest.


  1. wow I didn't realise Button was such a great age.

  2. A lovely post as always. Give Button a fuss from me and Charlie too,if he permits of course ;)
    Rachel X

    1. Button enjoyed the fuss. Charlie respectfully declined ;-) He's a very shy boy. Sometimes I get to make a fuss, mostly not thank you very much if you don't mind...

  3. Wonderful sun-shiny days! So nice to see the photos of your farmyard gang

    1. I wish the sun would return! It's been cool and grey much of the last few weeks! Bah!