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Monday, 20 November 2017

Graemsay Harvest Home

It's that time of year again when the parishes and islands in Orkney hold their "Harvest Homes" and Graemsay was no exception.  So this weekend there was the making of clapshot (neeps (swede) and tatties (potatoes) along with lots of butter are mashed together). There were cold meats, salads, soup and trifle too.  Of course there were also homebakes and tea while the evening's speaker, Magnus Thomson from Hoy, gave a speech about the harvest.

Our hall is small so just takes about 40 folk seated together.  It's a real community affair with each household doing something towards the event.  Some musicains very kindly came over, despite the appalling weather, so there were accordions and banjo, and mandolin for those that could to dance too!  Here are just a few photos of the evening.....  Well done to all those who helped to make it another great night on the island.

All seated for the supper..... just waiting for a few more folk to arrive.

After the meal Magnus said a few words...

The tables were cleared and the musicians started playing.  Here is John Budge from Walls on Hoy with his accordion.

Now joined by James Groat on the mandolin (with banjo for later).....

And then by Jack Yorston from Stromness - his band, Aff the Cuff have played for us for several years now.  Just he and James could come over this year, for which we were very grateful, and John stepped in to play along too.

Then there was time for dancing.....

Think they are trying to work out exactly *what* this dance might be!

And then had a go....

There were lots more dances too, including our speciality, the Graemsay Strip the Willow! But I was helping out selling the raffle tickets so didn't get so many photos.  The Graemsay Harvest Home Raffles are the stuff of legend...they go on for about an hour with lots of prizes!

And this wee flower child needs a bit of a nap!

So another good night on the island with money raised for hall funds too from the raffle. 


  1. Looks like a proper community affair :)

  2. I love to hear about your community gatherings. Simply wonderful. Appreciate the pictures.