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Sunday 12 November 2017

More "weather"....

Graemsay by Viv Rorie
There has been a lot of weather about this last week or so.  Today was cold (3 degrees C), with a chill breeze and heavy hail showers.  Dramatic to watch but not so good for those that have to work out in it, or the beasties in the fields. 

Photo above and the next two below are by Viv Rorie from Stromness who was out on a walk today and caught these dramatic photos of Graemsay! She kindly said I could share them here.  Above - the sun shining down on Graemsay! Specifically Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside.

If you click to enlarge the image you can just see Sandside next to the lightouse.

Lovely ethereal images!

Then today I was alerted by fellow blogger, Imperfect & Tense over on the East Mainland, that the Hamnavoe ferry was sailing "up the Flow".  So I took the opportunity for a few photos.

This is a bit like the "Jaws" movie - we need some of the theme music! Haha!  The Hamnavoe hiding behind Hoy High lighthouse garden wall.

Ah there she blows! 

But the weather changed before it even got to the harbour!

Hoy High looking magnificent as ever..

And Stromness with the Pole Star ship in I think

And then the hail came and the lighthouse and everything disappeared!

And here's another short time-lapse.  This one was from an upstairs window.  I'm still experimenting with views.  Ahem... I know the windows are a tad grubby, but it's salt -honest!

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  1. Thanks to your friend for the amazing images !awesome light 😊