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Sunday 5 November 2017

"Listening to the piers...."

Stromness Museum have completed a wonderful project about the piers around Stromness.  The website is well worth exploring.  Here's the link to photos and audio "Listening to the piers".  Make a "cuppa", sit down and enjoy!


  1. Such a great project - thanks for posting! I really enjoyed exploring the site.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I've on dipped in and out so must go back and have a longer look.

    2. And just seen you are from Swansea! My father was from Brynamman. I visited Swansea last year - first time in oooh over 40 years - used to go every year as a child. Loved going back (or going "home" as my Dad would always say whenever he went back to Wales).

    3. I live near Pontarddulais and often go up Ammanford/Brynamman way. It's lovely round here but my heart now belongs to Orkney - this year was our 4th visit. I've just eaten my final packet of beremeal oatcakes & smoked cheese!