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Friday 10 November 2017

Sun, Hail, Wind....

Yup it's November.... changeable and chilly weather is the order of the day. Changeable as in every few minutes! It is always said of Orkney, if you don't like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change.  That's true even in Summer!  You can imagine what it's like in Autumn/Winter!

Anyway - the photo above wasn't taken today but it could have been with the cloudscapes we've had.

Today I had a play with some time-lapse.  It won't win any prizes but thought I'd share the short (12 second) films anyway.  It shows the changeable weather. Though to be fair it IS speeded up considerably - it doesn't often change THAT quickly....

And on this one you will see the MV Graemsay sailing to the right of the picture as it comes out at 4.15, and as it gets dark you'll see the lights of the larger Hamnavoe ferry sailing out to the left on the way to Scrabster on the Scottish Mainland.


  1. The time lapses are superb. About as bleak as a Shostakovich symphony!

  2. Haha probably bleaker if you were actually out in it! Am having fun playing with some camera widgets!