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Monday, 9 April 2018

Merry Dancers.....

Towards the end of March there were some stunning displays of the Merry Dancers (Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis).  I never get good pictures so ask permission to use others!  Mr T from Imperfect & Tense kindly let me use a couple of his stills.

This is a picture of "Steve" an atmospheric phenomenon seen during an aurora.

And there is this beautiful timelapse taken by David Wishart and shared with permission.  Sit back and watch, it's slow at first but wow when it really gets going!!  I should say that camera lenses show much brighter colours than seen by the naked eye.  But I did see pale dancing green on this particular occassion.  And even if I don't see much colour I can see the dancing!


  1. Wonderful. I must get to see them sometime.

  2. They are truly amazing! Though not quite as bright to the naked eye as they are to camera.