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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Spring.... please?

The temperature is rising v.e.r.y. slowly but it is rising - almost to double figures (in Celsius that is).  And it's not been quite as windy this last week.  And the sun has shone *sometimes* so we can't complain!  Anyway here are a few photos from the weekend.

My poor dear Hellebores have struggled this Spring. No leaves left after constant East winds, but valiantly blooming nonetheless!  Well one of them.  The other one has given up completely I think!

Finally the daffs are flowering!  These have been protected by the trees and the garden dyke so have had a good start.

And the willow trees are in full bud, all fluffy and gorgeous, starting to burst with pollen and fresh green leaves.

These ewes are waiting to lamb.  Very curious of those venturing onto the beach!

Here's looking at ewe!

The tide is a looong way out on this walk....

Earlier Button was snoozing in the sun.  I love how she has her paw wrapped round the window catch!

And more blue sky from the day before, plus fluffy clouds!


  1. Our Spring is coming slowly too. The sun is shining this morning so there is hope. Button is hanging on so as not to fall..

    1. Haha you have a point there! I see her rather fat tummy hanging dangerously over the edge!

  2. I think Button is being an exemplary guard cat (as opposed to the more standard guard dog). “No burglar is going to jemmy open this window on my watch!”

    1. Hee hee well yes.... though I think the door was wide open at this point! LOL!

  3. As always, such beautiful photos, Sian. I will do my best to meet up with you when I visit again in a few weeks. I see you have folk festival tickets too - yippee! Enjoy today's sunshine. Jo.