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Wednesday 14 November 2018

October beach....

I've borrowed a "bridge" camera from Mr Tense Towers.  A "bridge" camera, for those that are wondering, is a bit of a hybrid, it's "better" than a small compact camera, but not quite as versatile as a SLR camera.  Having said that, I had an SLR Olympus OM-10 back in the 1980s and got fed up lugging a camera bag full of lenses around.  So I like the lightness of a bridge camera, with some buttons to play with to take a range of photos, zooming and and macro.  Not as great as swapping lenses, but a much lighter camerabag!

Anyway, I was out on the shore a couple of weeks ago at the end of October and used the opportunity to take some snaps.  These are all on "authomatic" at the moment..... 

The old "Lighthouse pier" at Sandside

Looking over to Garson....

Coastal erosion.... year on year the sea claws back the land....

The old reaper/binder tettering on the edge!

Looking over to Stromness

Ahem, Madam Button!

Looking across Graemsay to Hoy

Button considering going paddling.....

The community hall in the foreground and the old school up the hill in the background.  The dark Hoy Hills as a backdrop....

The seaweend in a bank along the shore after a storm the week before

Neither Button nor I like walking on seaweed, too slippery - so we always head back once we reach the bank

Kye (cattle) up on the hill

AAAAGGGGHHH! Don't look down! Life on the edge with Button....

Rooftops...and a lighthouse....

And sunrise on the Hoy Hills  (about 07:53 in the morning)

And sunset... (about 15:57)

And the moon hiding behind a cloud (she's shy...)

Hope you enjoyed the wander around Sandside and environs!


  1. I always enjoy your pictures, Sian. Thanks for sharing

  2. Super photos, better than the ones I've seen on I&T recently....oo'er!

    1. Hahahaha! He'll be harumphing over that and demand his camera back. LOL!

  3. Hi, I am a Year 8 student from New Zealand. We have been researching about unexplained mysteries and I have been very interested about selkies and the stories of them. I’m curious to know what kind of stories that you grew up with, knowing and learning about selkies.
    I also love reading through your posts.
    Thank you - Emma

    1. Hi Emma, hopefully you saw my response in the later post?

  4. Like you Sian I began with an OM10 in the 1980's but I too now use a bridge camera a Canon SX50 which I have had for three years now, and I love it. On manual mode I can get some really find detail macro images, yet for landscapes it works superbly. And just brilliant for wildlife observation (I often zoom in just to view). Lovely photos from you and a wonderfully clear day by the looks of it - but expect it was chilly.

    1. Oooh that's interesting to know. I'm really taken with the "bridge" camera and am hoping now things are likely to calm down a bit I will have more time to experiment (had work done to the house and have lived in chaos for some months. Arrghh!)