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Friday, 22 February 2019

Earlier in February

Yes I know it is nearly the end of the month but haven't had the time to post anything. Ooops.  Anyway these pictures were taken in the first week of February when there was still the remains of snow on the Hoy hills - mostly gone now apart from some clinging to the ridge.  So this is the usual walk to the coral beach, with Button of course.  It was a lovely mild, calm day, positively Spring like even in early February.

The clouds were magnificent that day.  Like a duvet over the Hoy hills!

The sun glistening off the sand at the appropriately named "Sandside bay"

The sea was so calm with the waves gently lapping the shore.....

I love the way the sea sculpts the coral sand.

Wave to Stromness! Oooh we could almost walk there....

The old burned out boat on the shore, below the Sail house.  You can see the square reflection of the sun shining through the sail house window on the old dyke (wall).

The remains of the old forge, the gable end wall now on the shore.  This wall looks quite precarious! Every winter I expect to see it collapsed on the shore below.  The old reaper/binder teetering on the brink!

See....REALLY teetering on the edge!

Fancy a swim?

Heading home....

Meanwhile in the garden, the hebe managed to stay green all winter as there were no marauding sheep this season!  And it flowered too.  The rest of the garden is dormant but ready to Spring into life (see what I did there?)

And Button loves the first signs of Spring too.  She looks a bit manic here but she loves rolling on this particular piece of stone. Mad cat......


  1. Replies
    1. I miss blogging but not always time and energy for it!

  2. My goodness that wall really is teetering on the edge, I am surprised it survived the Winter.

    1. Every gale pulls some more stones onto the shore but so far it's still standing!

  3. Stunning photos as always! Bet it was nippy though......

    1. Yes that day I was still well wrapped up!