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Thursday, 28 October 2021

Harking back to September


Hmmm yes I got a bit behind with blogging..... anyway..... these photos are from the sandy beach at Sandside.  I usually walk on the coral beach as it's nearer, more accessible and Button is with me.  She frets if I go too far on the sandy beach.  There's an invisible thread that won't allow her to go further than a certain point..... and as I am rarely alone on the walks I don't often get to scramble up and down the sand dunes..... so here are a few photos from back in September.....  Above looking back to the house, lighthouse and old pier.  A couple of neighbours quietly fishing on the shore.

The sea rocket was doing well above the tide line.  

The marram grass holding the dunes together.... just....

But the sea is eroding the land annually.  Some of the methods used to try and prevent more erosion - stones stacked in wire gabions to protect the main road on Graemsay which lies just above here.

Calm seas.  On the left the tip of Graemsay on the right the tip of Orkney Mainland.

Gloriously clear water....

Stones and sand on this beach, no coral and few shells.  It's like there is a traffic control system - shells to the left, stones to the right...... well I suppose naturally there must be for it to happen! 


The croft of Quoys nestled neart he shore.

On the left the old concrete method of trying to prevent erosion and on the right - stone gabions added more recently.

Rocky shore.....

Before the gales flattened the dry stems...

And the road home.... put the kettle on Button!


  1. The sorting of shells and stones on a beach is done by shape (of the shells, stone, and shore), and weight. The currents and tides also have their part. Beaches are a lot busier than they look!

    1. Ah yes of course, that makes sense. I still like my image of a traffic crab by the pier directing shells to the right and sand to the left though.... hee hee...

  2. Feel like I know the island well now. Point being, has gone live! The poem I dedicated to you is called 'Ode to Graemsay'. I was going to call it 'the lights of Stromness' after one of your posts but decided on a more general title. Keep up the fine work - Marky.

    1. I love it - thank you!! Have commented on your blog and will share here shortly (internet problems, lack of blogging mojo etc holding me back. Bah!)

  3. Wonderful photos, as always. How lucky you are to be able just to wander the shore with Button. Interesting that Button doesn't want you to stray too far.

    1. I am so fortunate to live here. It's beyond any dream I held. Even though Autumn and Winter are a battle for me for various reasons, the landscape always sooths.