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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Autumn equinox

Well OK not quite, I think the Autumn Equinox is actually 23rd, but anyway, here are some photos taken over the last couple of days as we slip into Autumn. 

The sun has tracked several miles south-west across Scapa Flow to set behind Graemsay now.  In mid-summer the sun sets more nort-west behind Black Craig on the Orkney Mainland. Today sunrise was at 0656 and sunset will be at 1912, such a difference from the "white nights" of summer. Last week I was raging against the fading summer as we had gales for several days.  But after a few days respite of warmth and sun I've made my peace and am happy to let summer slip away for another year and welcome the more reflective time of Autumn and Winter.  Though no doubt I will have more fruitless rages against the weather!

Mid-summer sunset

Late summer sunshine on the green fields of Graemsay and the Hoy hills behind.

The sheep are enjoying the last flush of grass and the sun on their backs.  The house in the background is Western Horn.


  1. Beautiful pictures. The early sunsets are a bit of a shock, aren't they? After a day of rain here it was pretty dark by 7.30 yesterday - bleuch. Firelight and candlelight are the way to survive the next few months: 'better to light a candle than to curse the darkness'! :)

  2. What beautiful photos. Thank you for posting them!

  3. Dancing Beastie - I'm having to get used to using light at night again! In the summer the electric light is never needed. I don't have an open fire - I miss the firelight but not the managing of it! But candles and soft lighting are good. As are a pile of books, hot tea and a purring cat on a windy night!

    Laura - Thank you! I'm glad you dropped by.