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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Beach treasure

My favourite beach on Graemsay is known locally as the "shell beach". Although shells can be found on other parts of the island shore, this particular beach has layers of them, together with cold water coral. Beautiful! I love walking on the beach, largely because of the view and to hear the waves lapping the shore. I have to remind myself to look down at my feet and wonder at the myriad of sea creatures that once inhabited these tiny shells.

Some of these shells are so small!

Below are "Groatie Buckies", a local name for this tiny cowrie shell, which is supposed to bring luck to the finder. They are shown next to a 50p piece (if you don't know the UK currency then this won't mean much to you!)

And not forgetting the plants which grow on that in-between space of land and sea......


  1. We'd love to see your beach sometime.

  2. Louise from Seattle3 September 2010 at 00:09

    I love that that I have visited the lovely beach you describe!

  3. I still can't get over how small some of the shells are on Orkney beaches. I love your photographs. Groatie Buckies are so hard to find. They are such a treasure that I have only managed to collect eight of them.

  4. MaryZ - ooooh I do hope you do visit sometime!! That would be great.

    Lousie - I really enjoyed your visit. Hope you come back again!

    LearnerGardener - well I've not been very successful in actually finding them myself - usually folk out walking with me find them! Must get my eye in better - sigh