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Tuesday 14 September 2010

Vertical Rain!

Yes I hear you say, rain is vertical.  Um.... not usually in Orkney!  Yesterday, before the gales returned, I stood on the doorstep listening to the gentle pitter-patter of rain on the flagstones, watching the droplets bouncing gently, and hearing the lovely plip-plop noises of raindrops on puddles.  The rain sang through the guttering and I rejoiced in the pure sound of RAIN!  Today we are back to the horizontal variety blown by the wind UP down-pipes (watch out incy wincy spiders!), lashing against windows finding any crevice it can to creep through, seeking weaknesses around doors, spitting through key-holes, and pouring through the cat flap so fast I have set Button to bailing out (you can imagine how THAT went...).  This afternoon we even had hail showers - they hurt!  Ah well I shall hold the memory for a while of the gentle pitter patter of rain and dream of Gene Kelly......


  1. Louise from Seattle15 September 2010 at 05:50

    Wow - great weather descriptions! I'm laughing about the rain "spitting through keyholes" - but also glad it isn't my keyhole!

  2. Dear Sian - I know exactly what you mean! We are coming out of Winter horizontal rain by being whalloped by the gale force winds that come along around every equinox. Despite his personal ballast (i.e. ample rotundity) Zebbycat prefers to stay inside and snoozle away his day.

    Am picturing you attempting to get Button to bail out the water ......