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Saturday 18 September 2010

Hoy Landscape

I've posted photos of  the island of Hoy several times before, because I just love the wildness of the landscape.  I'm unable to walk much of it myself, but friends who do share their photos with me.  So here are some pictures taken by J. last weekend of the South coast of the island of Hoy (which is the larger island to the South of Graemsay).

A small inlet along the coast

A reed pool


  1. Wonderful! Something I'll never get to see, either. Thanks to "J" for sharing with all of us.

  2. Hoy is such a wonderful island Sian. Thank you for the photographs. From the mainland we get so many differing views of Hoy depending on the weather. It looks stunning in brilliant sunshine. It can be moody and imposing with big black skies behind it. Other times we simply cannot see it because of the sea fret or because it's wearing cloud hats. It's an integral part of the sky line and the first thing I look at from my kitchen window :-)