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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Last of the summer sunsets.....

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago... the sun has already moved further to the left, setting behind the edge of Graemsay.  I'm trying to be positive about the move to Autumn, but three days of strong, near to gale force winds are testing my patience!  Winds are expected to die down by the end of the week thank goodness!

I went to the pier at lunch-time to collect my groceries from the ferry (sent over by the grocery shop in Stromness).  The spray was breaking over the pier! Thankfully neighbours offered to bring my groceries up so I didn't have to venture down to the boat, which was much appreciated.

The days are shortening too.  Tonight sunset was at 19.56 (19.34 in London).  But at least it's been a bright few days - even if going outdoors is a challenge......


  1. Hi Sian, That's a fabulous sunset, like you I'm missing the long nights, but then again it allows more use of the candles in the house and time to reflect and then look forward. And the autumnal colours are always a treat when the sun shines

  2. I miss autumn colours! Not many trees in Orkney - though there ARE trees! And yes I must try and attune myself to the changing season and look forward, and not back with regret over the summer gone!