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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Button the Adventurer

Button is a very bold cat. I am still coming to terms with this and the fact that she is so agile. Dear Fitzi-cat was akin to Garfield, whereas she is akin to Sylvester (watch out Tweetie-Pie). However, having spent an overnight in the town, she seemed to be particularly keen for attention on my return. So when I went hunting for eggs in the byre (hens are hiding them again - sigh), she shot up one of the stall posts and into the rafters. She's done this before and managed to extricate herself. But this time she just sat there wailing and looking pathetic. So I looked around and found a large post I could put up against the rafters for her to run down. Nope, she was having none of it. More wailing (from her). I decided she was having me on and stomped out of the byre. Sure enough a few minutes later she appeared through a hole in the roof! She tried to repeat the trick "Ooooh I'm *scared* - this is so *high*" but I ignored her again and eventually she found her way down.

She's become very bold at chasing poor Charlie Boy and keeping him in his place (which is the barn). So I don't think there is much chance of me being able to befriend him, sadly. However he does appear when I take food into the barn for him - though I have to choose a time when Button is safely napping indoors. He always remains at a safe distance of many yards but looks healthy enough so must be doing OK catching mice, voles etc. with supplemental feeding from me.

Swallows have been flying in and out of the old barn too. They had built a nest near the entrance and I did fear for them as it was quite exposed to the west wind. Sure enough after the breezy days last week they seem to have abandoned that nest but must be making a new one in a more sheltered position further in the barn. I just love watching the swallows in the summer. Often they perch on the conservatory guttering preening themselves - particularly just before they head south and it's a real privilege to watch them at close quarters from the comfort of the sofa!


  1. I read Buttons adventures to my cat and she opened one eye and said: I hope you're not thinking of getting me a barn - I dream better on this duvet, now go away and let me sleep.

    I am always impressed with a cat's non fear of heights.

  2. LOL! Button is very bold and adventurous and loves to explore. So far she's managed to extricate herself from all situations - let's hope that continues! My dear old Fitzi-cat would not have demeaned himself by *climbing* anything - like your cat the duvet was his domain!

  3. Button is very brave. strange how cats are all so very different. Ours are pretty feeble, real couch potatoes,and certainly wouldn't dream of climbing up that high. They let other cats come in and eat their dinner - and if a spider crosses the floor, they will just look at it in vague curiosity. Do you think we brought them up wrong??