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Thursday, 11 June 2009

More flowers....

.... cultivated this time! The flower border is coming along nicely with the rosa rugosa, and fuschia merging together in the middle to form shelter for some perennials. Some honeysuckle seems to be woven between it too - quite by accident but it will look pretty when in flower!

The willow trees are doing well this year too, and the grass looks neat as Mick has just mowed it!

So far I've failed to get lavender to grow in the flower border which is exposed to northerly winds, so this year I'm trying a plant in the walled garden in the hope that is more sheltered!


  1. Sian, its looking lovely, especially the pretty border.

    I squelched across my excuse of a lawn today to clean the birdbath. Your lawn looks very healthy.

    Have a great afternoon, Mickle and snoozing (no snoring just yet) Zebbycat xxx

  2. Lovely flowers along the wall. What's the purple flower? Is that what lavender looks like up close?

  3. Mickle - well you must be in mid-winter now so I'm not surprised my lawn looks a little healthier than yours maybe! I'm pleased with the border as I only started it about 2 years ago.

    Mary Z - can't remember the variety of lavender this is - it might be something like "Vitorie"?. I think I've always called it "French lavender" but no idea where that name came from. I used to have a lavender border round my patio in my home in Kent but haven't managed to replicate that this far north - yet!

  4. Sure looks different from when we were there!