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Thursday 25 June 2009

Primula Scotica

I took a run out across the West Mainland of Orkney on Tuesday with a friend. We started off at Yesnaby which has grand cliffs and you can see the mountains of Scotland to the South. In winter they are snow capped but in the glorious sunshine there was no snow to be seen.

We were also delighted to come across swathes of Primula Scotica (Scottish Primrose). These rare tiny primroses plants only grow in Caithness (North of Scotland) and one or two sites in Orkney. They usually flower in May and July/August, but these were either late or early as it is still June!

To give you a true impression of their size I placed a 50p coin beside one of them. They are so delightful and so easily missed. In fact I usually find I'm in the middle of them before I spot them and then am afraid to move in case I trample them!


  1. What a lovely day! and lovely primroses!

  2. Lovely flowers and a beautiful clear sky. A day out to remember.

    huggles from us,

    Mickle and Zebbycat

  3. Yes it was a lovely day! Tea and cake were to be had later in the day too! :-)

  4. Proper botanical observation ... will be passing you on to our local plant hunters. Many thanks.

  5. LOL! Well I was under personal instruction from an expert or i would probably have missed them. Each time I see them I am amazed how tiny they are.