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Tuesday 28 July 2009

Provender from the garden......

The first of the "early" carrots from the veggie plot! OK I am pathetically pleased with my first attempts at growing veggies! But oooh the flavours are wonderful. The carrots won't make it to the pot but will be eaten raw so I can fully appreciate the lovely flavour of fresh carrots. And I have to confess I've actually been munching on lettuce leaves for a while now, but this was the first lettuce with a "heart" (no not a candidate for character from the Wizard of Oz....)

The peas are podding up nicely but nothing ready to pick yet. The broad beans are beginning to pod too. The tatties are doing OK - checking daily for warning signs of blight. Onions growing well. Courgettes are settling in but no sign of flowers yet, though I did plant them rather late. Strawberries - few this year as they are new plants, and I have to confess just pick them individually and eat them as they are ripe.

And the sweet peas are divine......... their beauty and perfume food for the spirit! Shown here in a pottery vase from Westray.


  1. I have just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading your past posts. I live in deepest inland Nottingham and often long for small island life, until I notice what's on at the theatre or cinema or need a new pair of shoes!

  2. Yum on the veggies - although I had to google to see that a courgette is what we call a zuccini. 8^)

    And I LOVE sweet peas - haven't seen any in ages.

  3. Congratulations on the carrots! I am about to embrace full-blown veg (and fruit) growing as I now have a share of of my daughter and son-in-law's allotment. (I think it will be mostly weeding to begin with . . . )

  4. Chris - welcome to Graemsay! I used to live in a london suburb and probably 20 years ago wouldn't have wanted to live on a small island for the reasons you give. But in the end I had my fill of theatres and shopping and am quite happy with my life here!

    Mary Z - I forgot to mention they were called Zuccini - I've had this discussion with other US friends :-) Sweet peas are fantastic and I'm so pleased with my first crop of flowers. I shall try more next year.

    D - thanks for taing the time to drop by while still unpacking! A share of an allotment is great as it means the work gets shared as well as the produce (well in theory anyway...!).

  5. Yum, raw fresh carrots are much too hard to resist. Your garden is wonderful, Sian. We have an abundance of kale which I love but nobody else wants. The cabbage is fantastic too but I think the odd cabbage white has made it through the mesh so I'm on the lookout for the dreaded caterpillars.So enjoyed your photos of the firework display. Sorry for the recent silence - work gets in the way of play! Jo

  6. You should be very proud - that's fantastic! Nothing better is there, than eating ones own produce.
    I can smell the sweetpeas...

  7. Jo - nice to hear from you again! How was Shetland? Thanks for the postcard! I didn't do cabbage or kale this year - might do next year, but they are not favourites of mine so may use the space for other nice things.

    Paula - the sweet peas are just heavenly. And it's great that the more you cut them the more they flower! I am so pleased I managed to grow them in the garden. I shall plant more next year.