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Monday, 27 July 2009


These young swallows have clearly fledged but aren't yet self sufficient. They've been sitting on the conservatory roof beneath my study several days in a row, waiting for their parents to bring food. You can still see the young birds "gape" mouth. Bless..... I wish them well on their journey this year.......

I took the pictures through the window (and yes it needs cleaning....) so the photos are a bit hazy but didn't want to open the window and scare them off!

There is still a swallow sitting on a nest in the old barn, not sure if she has chicks yet - I hope so as I would have thought it was getting a bit late for hatchlings if they have to fly south in September?

I've seen a hen harrier around again - though not close enough to get any photos. And the other weekend (when, of course I had no camera with me) there were two Basking Sharks in Burra Sound - the ferry stopped for a few minutes to let them get clear. They are huge animals but beautiful. It feels a real privilege to see them on my own "doorstep" so to speak.


  1. One of the hardest things about leaving my old house just over a week ago was that the baby swallows I was hoping to see had not fledged. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all is going well for them.

  2. It amazes me just how robust and resilient the small birds are, but fingers crossed too that your brood are fine and fledged!

  3. Perfect photos Sian. It's very rare that one has a chance to see them up close and stationary.

  4. They are now noisy teenagers and more sleek and refined looking, but still quite noisy expecting parents to feed them.