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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Shopping Week in Stromness.....

This week the weather has been glorious for "shopping week" - a gala week in Stromness, with various events and parades taking place. I think it's called "Shopping Week" as it is organised by local traders to encourage trade in the town, as well as being a local gala. It's now in it's 61st year. But of course in the UK anything "outdoors" is at the mercy of the weather, and last year there was rain and fog. However for most of this week the weather was dry, bright and sunny. Yesterday (Saturday) was the best day of all - very warm (tee shirt weather - no really, even for "softie southerners" like myself.....), brilliant sunshine and the colours of the sky and sea were beautiful (see above, looking from Stromness, across the Holms to Graemsay, with the Hoy Hills in the bacground).

I usually avoid the town during shopping week - parking can be an issue and it's not possible to get a car to the boat as the road is closed for the side-shows etc. However I was in town yesterday morning and bought some raffle tickets, plants and chocolate from the various stalls. I even found a Fireman selling chocolate....... a Fireman with chocolate, now what more could a girl ask...... ;-)

There was street entertainment too - Pirates seem to have arrived in town with a bit of swash-buckling and - er - juggling........ Sadly no Johnny Depp..... sorry, another fantasy.......

I spent the day out in the "country" with friends and will post some pictures during the week. I came back home on the early evening ferry - as I'd been over all day I decided to miss the street party that takes place in the town on the last night of Shopping Week, along with a parade of floats through the street to the Market Green. Though there is a special "late boat" at 11pm back to the island for those who want to participate. I have been before and the street is always packed with folk having a merry time - in every sense of the word! (And amazingly the debris from the street party is cleared away by council road cleaners by about 7am!)

I did however stand outside the house and watch the firework display. The sky was still light from the setting sun, but it was a lovely display, with lots of colour.

Today it's breezy and rainy....... gearing up for the parish agricultural shows, culminating in the County Show on 8th August. I do hope the weather clears up for all the folk who put such effort into the shows!


  1. The best of all worlds - to get in on part of the celebration and fun, but then to watch the fireworks across the water from the quiet of your home. Lucky lady!

  2. And I get a much better view of the fireworks than when I've been in the town, so it's just a perfect arrangement! LOL!