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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hitchcockian Hens....

No, this isn't a new breed of hen! But I think my hens have been watching too much TV over the dark days of winter and have decided to follow in the claw-steps of their feathered friends in the Hitchcock film "The Birds"! THIS was what greeted me as I went into the porch to sort out the hens breakfast - a light tapping on the cat flap! I knew Button was still sound asleep so bent down to see what it was.....eeek!!!!  Serves me right for having a bit of a "lie in" on a Saturday morning and being late with their breakfast!!

I still have lots of hens, a few young cockerels too, as well as the Patriarch of the flock, a lovely Light-Sussex cockerel.  Some hens are still to go to new homes, and the young cockerels will - er - be dispatched! I want to keep some of the younger birds as some of my older hens will probably not lay this year. But they can stay as part of the flock for the rest of their days. Providing an egg a day for several years is hard work and they deserve a nice retirement!

The hens have hung about around the hen house for most of the last few months with the rain and the wind keeping them naturally confined.  But I've seen them wandering a bit further afield these last couple of days. Making the most of the mild SUNNY weather with NO WIND, which we had yesterday and today!


  1. Having seen The Birds many years ago I still dislike crows in flight near me. But your little chooks are another matter; they may be relatives of The Birds but certainly they come from the nicer side of the family tree.
    Perhaps they think spring is on its way?

  2. Oh my goodness, Sian! That chicken face at the cat-flap really is a bit spooky! I do envy you your hens. I used to love having mine around and still miss them.....