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Monday 2 January 2012

Snow on hills....again...

Snow showers on hills, but just cold, wet and windy at sea level today. I stayed in the warm and baked some biscuits/cookies - a new recipe for oaty cherry/raisin bookies.  Yum...  I love thinking of the women who have cooked and baked in Sandside in years past. Though in the 19th Century I doubt there was much in the way of luxuries like biscuits, mostly good solid fare for the workers in the fields and byres.

 Back to work tomorrow - for me anyway, Button will snooze as usual ;-)


  1. They look delicious - just what is needed in this cold wind. We went looking for snow but very little to be seen on Dartmoor - probably all gone by now.

  2. No snow here either, Sian, though there was some in our area when we were away over the festivities. Your biscuits look scrumptious -any chance of the recipe, pretty please? :-)

    Hope you haven't fared too badly in the latest storm

  3. I guess things needing white sugar would have been a luxury.
    And still the storms continue.