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Thursday 5 June 2014

Ferry ride....

When I go over to the Orkney Mainland for evening events I have to stay overnight as our last boat home is about 5.45 except for Friday when it's 9.30pm. But that's still too early for some events.  So I get on the early morning ferry back home at 7.45, along with the island mail!  These bags are bound for Hoy and Graemsay where they will be delivered by island posties to the farms and homes on the islands. The boat then collects the outgoing mail which is met at Stromness pier on the ferry's return.

Some tourists were being early birds and getting the ferry to Moaness on Hoy to then go cycling around the island.  One of the bikes had a dog carrier aboard so their wee dog could get a ride too!

Aforementioned wee dog...

This particular morning I had driven through Stromness in fog, but once we got passed Graemsay (in fog) to Hoy there was bright sunshine! (As you can see at the top of this post).  But there was mist hanging over some of the Hoy Hills....

And just creeping over from the valley beyond....

And a fog bank was clearly visible down towards Longhope at the other end of the island.

And as we sailed round to Graemsay we re-entered the fog....though fortunately by lunchtime the sun had burned it off and we had a lovely day!


  1. The water looks a bit choppy for my comfort, Sian. I'm no sailor. :-) Lovely photos and I enjoyed this glimpse of the practicalities of island living.

  2. Your ferry trips look enjoyable.

  3. That dog looks a tad queasy. I love the various fog images. Living on the other side of the Atlantic (can you see me ? I'm waving madly) we experience lots of fog here too.

    When you have to stay overnight, where do you stay ?