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Friday 6 June 2014

Random lambs....

Well the lambs aren't really random, but the photos are. While sorting through my photo files of last month I came across these two which I wanted to share as it shows the side of sheep I love!  Lambs and ewes!  The top one is "the gang".  I just love it when the lambs are a few weeks old and they get together in a gang, just like any group of kids, and have fun.  Often racing around the field together, or playing "I'm King of the Castle" on any hillock or higher bit they can find.  Meanwhile the ewes happily munch grass in peace. Then something will alert a ewe - a human appears over the horizon, crows, gulls or something that means "DANGER!" to the flock and the ewes call their lambs to them. Then all the wee lambs race back to Mum, ahve a wee drink of milk and when the coast is clear, gather again.

But once dusk falls I was really interested to see them gathering in the most sheltered part of the field and settlind down for the night. I've no idea if sheep can see much in the dark (though it's light very late now), but again instinct tells them to gather together at night when predators might be about. Instinct tells them WOLF! but none on Graemsay so they are safe and sound, but gulls and crows will attack vulnerable sheep and lambs so they are wise to be alert.

Note - these pictures were taken some weeks ago, the lambs are much bigger now and in another field. And the poor quality pictures are because they are taken through a window that obviously needs cleaning!


  1. Those lambs and ewes remind me vividly of the ones we watched when I came to visit. :-)

  2. Might be the same ewes even! Love watching them. They've got all chubby now and grown quite a bit since the photo was taken

  3. A gang of lambs sounds charming.