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Sunday 22 June 2014

Sunrise surprise!

Well clearly the sunrise itself isn't a surprise. I am reliably informed it happens daily. No, the surprise is that I caught the sunrise AFTER the solstice at 4am this morning.  Thanks to Madam Button who brought me a solstice "gift" at that time..... just be glad I didn't photograph THAT or take a video of her eating it once I had firmly declined!

This was the best of the sun for the whole day.  Mostly rain.....bah! Where's summer?!


  1. Blissful moment captured in your photo.

  2. Looking at your photograph, I thought "Wow, the Royal Mail delivers early on Graemsay!" Then I calmed down a bit and presumed that the island post person lives in a light house, which somehow seems perfectly as it should be :o)

  3. I trust the beautiful sunrise made up for the 'unwelcome gift' ... hope it wasn't a mouse!

  4. Oh my, you ARE far north aren't you ! How lovely that Madam Button got you up to see that earliest of sunrises.

    Summer has been slow to arrive here in Nova Scotia, after a ghastly winter and extremely late Spring. There was some doubt whether Spring would arrive before Summer ...

  5. Cats! Madam Button need to learn to tell the time. :-)