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Sunday 6 November 2016

November sunshine and clouds....

Hamnavoe sailing into a rainbow as it heads for Stromness harbour.... Lots of rainbows the last few days.

An old winch down by the old stone Sandside pier....

Clouds and sunshine....

A panorama around Sandside bay. Click on the picture to see it in lightbox and larger.  The panorama is a bit conflated but still an attractive image in my view!

And another similar one.... This one really does do odd things with the landscape!

Meanwhile Button wanders along mumbling as I faff about with the camera!

Though she will sit patiently.... for a while....

Looking across to the Hoy Hills. The sun is very low at this time of year. It will set just behind the hills now.  The days are certainly shorter.  Dark by 4.30 at the moment, and that's a way off from the shortest day!

It's been a benign Autumn up to now with few gales.  But the beach is beginning to be strewn with seaweed again....

Hoy High light peeking above the land. It's had a lot of work done on it this year - mostly internal, but also had an external paint job on the light top. Looking very smart now. But still only the temporary light shining as lots of electric work still to be done inside.

Looking towards Stromness.

And a little later the sun hides behind some dramatic clouds.....

It was a bit of a chilly walk but hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Once again you took us on a stunning stroll, I certainly did enjoy it.

  2. Great pictures, and it is always nice to see Button on your walks. The panoramas are very nice. The clouds are special, especially in the last one. I always go through your pictures in the larger form.

    1. I just love the cloudscapes around Orkney. Such magnificent skies! Glad you use the lightbox larger form. Best way to view though not everyone knows it exists!

  3. I agree Bonnie, that last picture was astounding!!! And all because of the company of a beautiful little cat!! Well, not that little, is she?? When you go out to bring us Graemsaydeluxe, Sian, we can all feel the breeze, the smell, the light and the scenery as if we walked beside you. Amazing, isn't it???

    1. Haha Button most certainly is NOT little! Though she's not quite as large as my previous Fitzi-cat. So pleased my photos are evocative of the landscape. I love living here and so want to share it (just don't all visit at once!).