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Wednesday 30 November 2016

Shipping livestock

It's that time of year when farmers are sending stock to market.  This year's lambs, breeding cattle etc. Above as you can see quite a few sheep waiting to be shipped. At least it's a bonny day for a sale.

We've had a few problems with the crane on the MV Graemsay, so the ferry company has had to get one of the renewable energy work boats to help out.  You can see here the vessel closest to the pier has lifted the cattle from the pens on the pier over onto the MV Graemsay which will take them back to Stromness.  They will be offloaded onto lorries and taken through to the Auction Mart in Kirkwall.

These are mostly young "beasts" so they will be sold on to farmers to "fatten up" for meat later.  That part I don't like to think of ! I eat little meat these days, but I live in a farming community and that is just part of what happens. At least they get to graze fresh grass and breathe clean air which is more than factory kept animals do.

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