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Thursday 3 November 2016

Longhope RNLI visit

Having recovered from the Halloween party the night before folk on Graemsay were up early(ish) to prepare for the annual visit from the Longhope Lifeboat. They, along with the Ladies Guild, visit the island to raise money for the lifeboat.

They arrived on a calm afternoon, complete with Hector the Scotty Dog checking that all is in order.

Some of us took the ladies up to the hall so they could set up their stall with a tombola, raffle, and items from their shop.

Being Graemsay we had, of course, provided tea and homebakes.

Most of the island plus some visitors came along. The hall got pretty crowded!

Hector was hovering around ready to hoover up any food that fell to the floor!

Everyone busy buying for Christmas or wanting more raffle tickets! Almost the entire population was there. Um and yes we'd left the decorations up from the night before.  Well it adds atmosphere!

Then it was time to get them all back to the pier so they could head off to Stromness before our own ferry  arrived.

And I heard the next day that the folk of Graemsay had raised an amazing £412.13 (incredible for such a small population of about 23 folk!).  There are times when this community fair takes my breath away.  Amazing total for a wee island....


  1. That is such an amazing total. It is wonderful that everyone gets together, what a great community.

    1. It is incredible how generous folk are on the island.

  2. Amazing what a few people can do when they work together. I think some special folk live on your little island. I also think little Hector is a very smart little pup. You never know what delicacies might lay on the floor. He looks quite smart as a look-out too.

    1. It always amazes me what our small community does. And yes Hector is one very smart doggie!