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Monday 31 October 2016

Halloween Party

Each year we celebrate Halloween on Graemsay.  When I was a child Halloween was never a big thing - we did apple bobbing and the like but none of the Trick or Treat which has crept over from the US.  On Graemsay the tradition was for the children to go round each house, tell a story, joke or sing a song and be given sweeties.  Then we moved to a party in the hall where *everyone* can join in. And boy do they join in....

Above is an early arrival of monsters..... some with VERY hairy feet....

And even scarier eyes....

But wearing very pretty dresses.....

But watch behind you lass, there's a coven of witches!

And a Were Wolf is fighting off the Grim Reaper.... I'm not sure how that works in mythology but on Graemsay they shared cake later.

This Vampire looks a bit glum - maybe needing a transfusion.....of whisky!

Oh berlimey! THAT is SCAREEEEE!

Some of the younger monsters had been visiting Granny and Grandad on the island....

One dreads to think what is being discussed here!

Then the Head Witch (Irene) leads the parade of the younger monsters....

All take a bow.... some of the tiny monsters needed Mum's encouragement for that... She's the Bride I dread to think!

Then it was time for the games - apple bobbing of course! Some sibling rivalry here!

Little ones did well too!

And some of the VERY old monsters too ;-)

Then there were the games..... first the eye and spoon race..... the lasses faster than the speed of light - er almost....

The wee monsters needing a bit of encouragement....

The  vampire aided by his cloak seeks to win the night!

Then the "Eat the donut" competition.  One wee lad just ran up and took a bite out of a donut then ran off again.  Yup my kind of game too laddie!

And the game where the Daddies become Mummies.....

Then it's the time for a joke or a story before the monsters get their goody bags filled with sweets

A very scary mermaid makes us laugh with her joke.

And a pretty monster princess has a joke to tell too.

Then there was a massive sugar-fest, and a wee dram or two for the grown-ups to end a lovely evening.  Head Witch, Irene, always organises the games and they are such fun and enjoyed by young and old alike!  It's always one of my favourite evenings.

Oh....and yes of course *I* dressed up too..... just before I revved up the broomstick ....


  1. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

  2. Look's like fun :-)

  3. Looks like a great evening, such a wonderful community.

  4. But what did Button go as?? Oh, I forgot - she always wears her costume!