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Saturday, 1 October 2016


I was looking out of the window last weekend and thought I saw two Selkie folk emerging from the water....  Turns out they were some folk snorkelling from a wee boat in Sandside Bay. Ah well a girl can dream :-)

And these seem to be regular seals..... they are there - honest

Look a little closer....

And closer still.... a grey seal.  As you can see above - Stromness in the background. Photos taken at the Graemsay pier.

And if you want to hear stories about selkies you can do no better than listen to Orkney's very own Tom Muir..... Click here for video and story


  1. How wonderful to live in a beautiful area with such amazing wildlife in their natural habitat. I will have to come back and watch the video when I have more time, Tom certainly has a way with words and a lovely lilting accent.

    1. Yes I love Tom's accent. A real Orcaidan one. And yes I love watching the seals on the shore. As long as I keep quiet and don't crash about or get above the horizon so they see me they are quite happy.

  2. what a beautiful story telling Mr.Muir.
    so wonderfully mysterious.
    i love such storys.
    and the small Island of yours !