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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Autumn days

We have been so lucky in Orkney, for the first time in many years we had a proper Autumn with the sun sinking lower and the says shortening, but glorious sunshine and NO wind....... however this week I think the Orkney Autumn has returned as it's very windy today and low cloud with rain showers.  But I have the memory of the sunshine :-)

Last weekend button and I took a walk along the sandy beach.

We could hear the voices of children on the coral beach so Button was on the alert (she's not keen on children....or dogs....she just doesn't see the point of either!).

The sea and sky were a beautiful blue and it was so warm. No coat required and we're talking 8th October!

The old stone pier.

Button coming down to the shoreline to join me

And then she runs off.... looking very intently....

Ah yes, she spotted the children! Time for a paddle!

Button settles down to watch at a safe distance......

I headed for home but she was for staying and watching.....

Though I then had to "rescue" her as she hid in a hole when the rest of the children arrived with a rather bouncy dog.  Button was taking no chances.  Eventually I coaxed her off the beach, her swearing most of the way - at the dog probably...or maybe me too!


  1. Button is one happy cat, she really lives the life. I love your little island how beautiful, thank you for sharing it.

  2. Glad you enjoyed our wander on the beach :-)

  3. Here we are complaining that it is still wet and cold, spring is being very fickle here. I have a black and white cat called George, but because of our birds he is an indoor cat.

  4. Button is a very wise cat indeed! Glad to see you've got your side bar back. Best wishes, Mark.