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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Around Graemsay in October

I tried to go out and about with my camera over the recent weeks so here are a few photos.  Above Hoy Sound High lighthouse, with Orphir on the Orkney Mainland in the background.

Looking East towards Sandside and the old farm buildings.....

Though it has been sunny ALL the time - Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside on a greyer day

And a boat dropping creels (for crabs) in Sandside bay.

Further up on the island some of the ruined crofts on the hill tops (we have low hills on Graemsay!). This is the croft of Dean. The Hoy hills in the background.

Another croft on the hill.

The old and the new - to the left of the ruin are the blades of a domestic wind turbine.....

And cattle still running on the hill.  They get brought into byres once the weather gets really bad as they poach up the grazing.

Looking across Burra Sound to Hoy.....

This wee ruin is called Cott of School (as it was next to the School but wasn't connected to it and the teacher lived across the road. Mmm I know...confusing). In Spring daffodils still line the old path down to the road.

Looking across to Stromness from Fillets farm yard.

The hill above Stromness

Hoy Sound Low lighthouse looking West towards Canada!

And back down at Sandside looking West.....

And on a not-so-sunny day there was a lovely line of clouds behind the house.  They look like toy teddy bears and rabbits on a train.... Ok just me then.....

And here is Madam Button with her "Where have YOU been and why didn't you take me with you" look.....


  1. A lovely tour, you certainly live in a beautiful part of the world.

  2. Looks like Graemsay is a top destination for quiet holidays. Your photos get better and better, Sian, thanks.

  3. So much wide open space there, and I wish I could be there at night to gaze at the stars. Here close to the city in Southern California we are lacking such peaceful and glorious vistas, though we have other things to recommend themselves to us. I so enjoy visiting your beautiful surroundings through your cameras lens. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love it sooo much to see the scenery of Graemsay and your home and island- and Button!- and reading your comments - I am looking every day for your Blog! ;-)
    Dreaming my dream of living in such location since - ehm ....1978 (first visit to Scotland,,)???? - but never- -until now - realised it.(Living near a wood in Germany..)
    Thank you for sharing Sian

  5. What a magnificent view !
    i always smile about Button.
    Dreaming te same dream as waldfee

  6. What lovely photos! So different from where we live. The Crofts are very interesting. Thanks for posting!

  7. I had to Google "poach" to see what that meant in the context of grazing. Got it now ...

    I've been meaning to ask, did trees never grow on your island or were they cut down ?