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Sunday 10 December 2017

A different view of Graemsay

I thought you might like to see Graemsay from another angle. Ale Carini visited Orkney earlier this year and has made this film of a trip along the Orphir coast, looking towards Graemsay, Hoy and Stromness.  You can see the Hoy High lighthouse on our island (my house is just the other side of that).

I'm not sure where the boat journey is but it most definitely is NOT our MV Graemsay! Hee hee!

Best viewed in full screen (we are only a small island!)

Do visit Ale's website, particularly "50 shades of Scotland" (ahem) - and click on the tab for Orkney Islands for some beautiful photos of a whistle-stop tour of Orkney Mainland!

Use Google translate to share the journey too.  And there are wonderful travelogue photos and blogs to read and follow too.  Definitely one to recommend.

Linke to Ale's website: click here

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  1. thank you very much for this Sian! It's my pleasure you talk about me in your blog. You live in a Stunning land I will love forever.