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Monday 25 December 2017

Graemsay Nativity

Each year Irene of Breckan organises the Children's Nativity Play and Carol concert.  The children are growing up now so I'm not sure how much longer we will do it, but it is one of my favourite events!

Mary and Joseph in the stable. Mary is "with child"....

The Baby Jesus is born in a nano-second.  Mary looking very pleased with herself, quite rightly!

The angel Gabriel arrives to speak to the shepherds "in the field".

The audience look on.

The shepherds arrive at the stable with their sheep. Mary and Joseph seem pleased to see them.

Having a bit of a blether.....

Then the three Kings arrive with gifts for the baby Jesus. Love the cheeky smile on the King on the right!

Mary and Joseph in the stable with the Ass and the Ox, the sheep and the gifts from the kings.

And then the cast take the applause.  Joseph looking very relaxed with a "My work here is done" expression on his face!

While Irene, her halo slipping (again) thanks everyone for coming along. She is accompanied by her young assistant, Andrew, on Guitar.

Then it was time for mulled wine and mince pies! No pictures of those because I was serving them up - not eating them all! Honest!

And then time for a bit of a Christmas Sing Song.

And a performance by a wee lad learning the fiddle.

And Irene and Andrew leading the community singing.

It was a lovely way to begin Christmas itself......


  1. Thank you. It was a lovely way to begin Christmas.

  2. I love it that your small but very special community hold this every year.