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Monday 11 December 2017

A dusting of snow....

Button ready for a walk to the shore

I'm catching up with myself now.  Sorry for the lack of posts but this was due to sinusitis and the consequence of me being very grumpy.  Mostly all better now so on with blogging!

These photos were taken on 1st December when we had our first sprinkle of snow.  Orkney rarely gets snow so the children get *very* excited at the thought of snowmen, sledging etc.  Sadly the last decent snow was about 6 or 7 years ago. Most will have outgrown their sledges in that time!  Anyway here are a few pictures of a lovely fresh day in December.

Showers over Stromness

Then brighter again

Ooops incoming for Graemsay! Button and I headed indoors!

Madam Button MOST put out as she wanted a walk to the shore...

Then the sun was out again....

Looks chilly in Stromness!

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