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Thursday 14 December 2017

In the bleak mid-winter....

Except it's only JUST winter! But on Sunday I decided to take a "turn" around the island in the car to give it a run as it has sat in a gale and snow for days. It was lovely to get out too and the island of Hoy looked magnificent!  So here are a few photos of my drive round the island. Button, of course, remained firmly in her bed, snoozing!

O love the bluish colours, though the light to the eye wasn't quit that blue.

It's snowing on Hoy!

Looking across the croft of Dean on Graemsay to Hoy.

Still snowing!

A panorama of Hoy round to Stromness on the right.

This panorama distorts the landscape a bit but I do love it!

The road home - strewn with seaweed. Hoy High in the background.

The waves threw the seaweed across the road and into the adjacent field.  Not many stones in it thankfully.


  1. Winter actually is a beautiful and dramatic season. Regards, Mark.

  2. You live in a beautiful place ! :)