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Tuesday 26 December 2017

Christmas Day Walk

Yesterday was a lovely calm day on Graemsay, well weather wise anyway!  No wind, and not too cold.  Not much sun but I didn't mind as it was just lovely to be outdoors.  Here are some pix from a walk along the shore.  Button came out briefly but went off hunting on her own.  Which in a way was nice as it meant I could potter along at my leisure without any complaints from Madam Button that I was being too slow!

The hens were enjoying a potter around too.

They'd been knocking on my door earlier demanding breakfast!

I love this old stone pier.  Looking across Sandside Bay to Garson

Some geese flying over to Stromness maybe!

In the recent storms the coral sand has been heaped up on the shore....

So of course I had to go "groatie buckie" hunting..... these are tiny cowrie shells, much prized by those who seek them. But they are tiny and take a keen eye and "the knowledge" of where to look.  Lots of lovely other shells to see too....

Nope none among this lot...

Nope, nor here...

None here either......

But then..... my eye spotted one! I put it on a tiny stone so you can see it better. Tiny pink and white...

The sun did a fair job of trying to shine...but failed!

Some escaped sheep had been down to the pier too.  Wonder if they were groatie buckie hunting!

And sheep may safely graze - away from my garden!!

A bonny day for a walk though

And new shoots ARE growing!  Eek they may be in for a shock when the frost or gales come!  Or the sheep for that matter!

And back home - my haul of treasure - THREE groatie buckies! The most I have ever found unsupervised!  I am SO pleased!

And for a little added atmosphere, here is a short video of the gentle waves on the shore.


  1. Good evening Sian, I think that was one of your best. Loved the hypnotic ambience of the waves. Toodles, Mark.

  2. The second picture really caught my eye. Something about it just draws me in. Enjoyed the other pictures too, and the sound of the waves.

  3. I didn't realize you had cores too. I am always pleased when I find one here, found 2 the other day, and yes not easy to see.

  4. Loved the waves, and I enjoy visiting Graemsay via your blog. Happy New Year!
    Andrea in Minnesota

  5. Loved the video! Thanks for sharing that peaceful scene.